Design Philosophy


We believe that the architect has two primary responsibilities to fulfill. The first is the social responsibility of shaping the interactions between buildings and spaces, building and its users, and the users and their environment. The second is the professional responsibility to our clients and the practice of architecture. 

At  Smyer Architecture, we are concerned with all levels: planning, interiors, landscape, and aesthetics of the project during all of the phases of a project’s life in hopes of creating a timeless piece of work and a unique environment. 

In being conscious of our decisions, and the effects we leave behind, we try to incorporate sustainable design strategies wherever possible. We are continuously educating ourselves on renewable resources and building technologies and encourage our clients to utilize the benefits in the design and final outcome of the project. It is important to us to adaptively re-use as much as we possibly can in our projects, whether it be energy sources, building projects or the building shell itself.